Terms & Conditions

  • Adoptions are valid for a period of one year only, starting from the ‘adoption commencement date’, subject to annual renewal. Adoption commence date is the date on which the stated adoption amount has been received or duly acknowledged as received by NTNC-Central Zoo. 
  • All animals adopted will continue to remain the property of NTNC-Central Zoo. Adoption in no sense means transfer of animal ownership or responsibility.
  • Adoptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • In the case of demise or unavailability of your adopted animal, adopters will be offered alternative animals. However the adopted money will not be refunded but transferred to the next available animal of the same species, or any other desired species, in consensual agreement between both parties. 
  • Adoption wall is usually updated at the end of each calendar month. It may take up to 4 weeks for your name to be displayed outside the Central Zoo Wall of Adoption.
  • Each adoption package includes the ‘benefits’ as stated on the adoptions web page. NTNC-Central Zoo reserves the right to change or update these benefits at any time without prior notice.
  • We cannot guarantee your adopted animal will be visible on the day of your visit. Prior appointment is advised to allow time to ensure animal exhibit availability and avoid disappointment.
  • Personal information you provide will only be used for the purposes intended and not passed to any third party/parties whatsoever.
  • NTNC-Central Zoo holds the discretion to confer honour and recognition of any adopter person/group/institution/organization. Conferring of honour and recognition is non-binding.
  • NTNC-Central Zoo has the right to not accept any adoption request(s) without the need to provide any reason.
  • All adoptions are subject to change if circumstances dictate.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without notification.

NTNC-Central Zoo is a not-for-profit organization working for conservation of wildlife. All money raised through animal adoptions goes directly towards helping care for the animals at the zoo.