During these unprecedented times, your support is needed now more than ever. Know that your gift will go to help our Animal Care staff ensure the animals receive the best possible care. By making a donation for the animals at the zoo, you are also helping research and conservation efforts within the zoo and around the country.
When you choose to donate, you’ll be sharing your care.

Your donation to the program helps to :

  • Help with the care and rehabilitation of animals at zoo
  • Support the much-needed research into the impacts of warming waters and changing food sources
  • Can aid the student education program to protect and restore important habitat for animals

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NOTE: Donations are accepted through any Visa/Master card account other than NPR currency. Amount will be deducted from your account equivalent to the NPR-USD calculation during the time of transaction. USD-NPR average exchange rate in 2020 is approx. NPR 118. For latest foreign exchange rates see here.

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